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TTN Broadband Tariff Plans Bangalore

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TTN Broadband TTN Plans & Tariff Plans In Bangalore

Plan FUP Speed Drop Tariff
Upto 2 Mbps 30 GB 512 Kbps 699
Upto 5 Mbps 40 GB 512 Kbps 899
Upto 10 Mbps 75 GB 512 Kbps 999
Upto 15 Mbps 90 GB 1 Mbps 1099
Upto 15 Mbps 125 GB 1 Mbps 1349
Upto 30 Mbps 100 GB 1 Mbps 1299
Upto 60 Mbps 100 GB 1 Mbps 1999
Upto 60 Mbps 200 GB 2 Mbps 2999


Terms & Conditions :

Wi-Fi router will be provided free to use basis for customer’s availing for 5Mbps and above plan for 12 months subscription.

Documents to be submitted along with Customer Agreement Form (CAF)

Photo ID Proof

Address Proof

Passport size photo


Download speed indicated is only up to our ISP node.

Speed and download subject to TTN’s Fair Usage Policy.

Wi-Fi Router on Demand @ Rs.1500/-

Please ensure timely payment to avoid disconnection

All prices listed above are exclusive of taxes (Tax Amount – 14%).


TTN shall give the connection with an advance subscription of one month with an installation charge of Rs. 500/-

If the subscriber wants to disconnect the service before completion of the term of 3/6/12 months, the proportionate subscription charges shall be refunded after deducting the installation charges of Rs. 500/-

TTN reserves the right to modify / alter/ change withdraw the tariff plan.

Free To Use (Modem & Wi-Fi Router) which we install in the customer premises is the sole ownership of TTN Broadband.

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