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Vodafone 2G Data Plans in Sikkim

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Vodafone 2G Data Tariff Plans in Sikkim

We update our blog on regular basis, here is Vodafone 2G Data tariff plans of Vodafone for Sikkim and last updated on 06-Mar-2016

Price Validity Description
18 3 Days 90 MB 2G Data valid for 3 days
48 7 Days 250 MB 2G Data Free for 7 days
98 15 Days 500 MB 2G Data for 14 days
155 21 Days 750MB 2G Data valid for 21 days
177 28 Days 1GB 2G Data valid for 28 days
199 28 Days Unlimited 2G Data (Post 1.25GB speed will reduce to 40kbps & post 2GB to 10kbps) for 28 days
249 28 Days 3 GB 2G Internet
449 28 Days 2GB 3G Internet
1548 28 Days Unlimited 3G Data ( Post 12GB speed will reduce to 64kbps) for 28 days

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